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Turn Your Interests into Your Ideal Job

You have probably heard Mark Twain’s career advice, “Find a job you enjoy doing and you will never have to work a day in your life.” It’s true. The key to finding a job you love is identifying what you enjoy doing then figuring out how to make money in that field.


For people obsessed with cars, automotive employment opportunities abound. If you had a wrench in your hand before you had a driver’s license you may be a born mechanic or auto technician. Begin a lucrative career at an insurance company, manufacturer or dealership. Better yet, establish a solid reputation at a repair shop, maintenance facility or body shop, then go into business for yourself by opening your own place.


Were you almost late for your prom because you were busy doing hair and makeup for your friends? You may have a flair for cosmetology. Perhaps you prefer a related field such as barber, aesthetician or nail technician; all are fields where talent will take you to the top. Stylists can develop a devoted following and even as a sole proprietor you may be able to work part-time hours yet earn a full-time income. Most people become certified within a year or two by fulfilling a prescribed number of school hours and passing a state exam. An entry-level job at an upscale boutique or department store may lead to becoming a person shopper. Nothing but an eye for fashion and a social media account are required to establish yourself as a style consultant or lifestyle influencer.


You have played soccer since you were five and still live for neighborhood pick-up basketball games, but you are realistic enough to know you will never make millions as a professional athlete. However, you can still have a successful sports career. Teams down to the high school level need assistant coaches and athletic trainers. College and professional teams also employ announcers, marketers and numerous administrators. If you want to spend your days being paid to think and talk about sports, there is a place for you.