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When it is Time to Look into Replacement Windows

This article will be about whether or not it is worth replacing your windows. As always I will base my opinion upon the cost and benefit of each scenario and whether or not one outweighs the other. Since this is inherently a financial article we will consider the implications of each scenario. Likewise, we will discuss when there are no options other than to purchase replacement windows. Let’s begin this discussion with the most basic functions.


Will the windows you have now perform the basic duties you need them to do. Before answering this question it is important to think about what those duties are. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are: does the window need to open? If it needs to open is the method which it opens affective?

In other words, if I need a window to open so that I can put an air conditioner in it, will it open far enough? While the window is closed does it perform the duties I need it to do? Will the window stay closed to the point where it will not let my bird out? While closed does it keep out the rain? If it is closed do I feel a draft. If the windows meet all the basic needs then no, they do not need to be replaced. If these basic needs are not met then you need to decide whether or not they can be repaired or even if they should be repaired.

When to fix and when not to

The basic tenets of this argument are can the windows be repaired? If they can be repaired do I have the ability to repair them myself? Can I live with the cost of reparations? And lastly will the cost of reparations be larger than the cost of replacement?

If all it takes to fix a window is some plastic window wrap to block a draft or a nail in the frame to keep it from opening then it may indeed be worth your time to fix it. However, if the window frame needs to be torn out and rebuilt without damaging the aluminum siding then it may be beyond your capabilities, and it may not be worth paying a professional to perform that job. It may be more appropriate to purchase replacement windows.

Common reasons why replacing a window is better than repairing it

Generally, in extremely old houses, the windows tend to be counterweight windows with cast iron plugs. These windows while being extremely vintage can be costly to maintain due to drafts in the Winter. In fact, in most areas within this country, your local electric company will subsidize replacement with energy-efficient windows.

Likewise, during the summer months, windows tend to go on sale And in conjunction with energy saver window subsidies, it will most likely be cheaper in the long run to replace. The same thing goes for pre-1950s windows that come with leaded glass. These windows are not only a hazard due to the lead in the glass but can also prevent your home from being de-lead certified. If you have a window that opens vertically but would prefer a Bay window that would be inaccessible to thieves then this would also be a good reason to replace rather than repair.

In summation, while there are many reasons I would choose to repair windows the choice comes down to whether the cost outweighs the benefit or not. Remember to consider the type of repair, whether or not you are capable of repairing on your own, also the cost of the repair versus the cost of replacement.