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7 benefits of blue sapphire

Out of the whole lot of nine astrological gemstones, also known as Jyotish gemstones, Blue Sapphire or Neelam is considered as the strongest and fastest to act stone. According to the astrology, Blue Sapphire is considered as the gemstone of the planet Saturn which is the karmic planet of the solar system. Saturn can either make a person’s life hell or heaven depending upon its position. Those having a wrong positioning of Saturn in their birth chart may have to face a number of problems because an angry Saturn is nothing less than a fire spitting dragon. So, for all those people who are tormented by an ill placement of Saturn, Neelam can really do wonders for by changing the negative influence of Saturn into a better and positive version. If you want to know about more benefits of blue sapphire, continue reading!

1. Helps in developing focus!

Peace of mind, right concentration skills and a good decision – making capability, these are the activities that fuel your life to move on the right track in the right direction. However, those with an angry Saturn may be going through a bad phase in all three of them. Neelam with its calming and relaxing abilities will help you in becoming a more focused and a spiritually inclined person.

2. Rejuvenises you!

A suitable Blue Sapphire will not only bless you with peace, harmony and calmness but will also soothe your senses, making you more active and aware. Removing negativity, complexities and fear from your lives it will bless you with boosted energy levels, metabolism and happiness.

3. Can cure perilous diseases!

For a perfectly functioning life, you must ensure that you are not only mentally fit but also physically well because presence of any kind of disease will suck up your positivity, leaving you gloomy, in pain and depressed. Blue Sapphire can help you in it by curing even difficult disease like paralysis, nerve related diseases, bone fever and other chronic diseases.

4. Boosts your finances!

The gemstone is directly proportional to your wealth and a suitable stone can result in an instant financial boost. Genuine efforts as well as presence of Neelam can help in bringing you even multiple new earning opportunities which will ultimately add up in your wealth.

5. Provides mental clarity!

Mental clarity is essential of you want to focus or take the right decisions. A mess of unwanted thoughts and emotions often lead to confusion which will not only make you gloomy but will also lead to a loss of an amazing opportunity. So, wear a Blue Sapphire as it will help you to have a control of your thoughts which will bless you with peace of mind and mental clarity

6. Highly protective!

A loyal stone, Neelam protects its owner from all kinds of negative influences, energies and thoughts too. It will also ward off evil eye, hexing and enemies, thus keeping the person safe and happy. Moreover, the stone will make you more self-reliable and independent, as well as guard you from unwanted and destructive feelings like jealousy, envy, hatred, etc.

7. It’s your good luck charm!
Blue Sapphire are very touchy stones; hence it is always advised to test them first before wearing them because if they don’t suite a person, they can cause a havoc in their life, but if they suite you, they can result in immense blessings and good luck which can come in any form ranging from a promotion to a monetary gain or any other benefit. The positive changes of Neelam can be visible almost instantly!

We hope that Blue Sapphire is suitable for you and help you get out of any chaos or mess you are going through!