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Demerits of Youth Incarceration

Different people have differing opinions when it comes to youth incarceration. However, the bottom line is that this has more demerits than advantages. There is no public gain for having kids behind bars and it does a lot of harm to them as well. It is up to the adults to guide and protect kids and if the same adults are throwing them behind bars where those who have committed the worst crimes possible are there is nothing good that can come out of that. It should be more of rehabilitating and correcting them as opposed to punishing them in the worst way possible. There are better ways to correct children who err as opposed to incarceration.

There is a lot of gang recruitment going on behind bars and because kids are easy to manipulate they will likely fall in those ensnares. Some of them are barely teenagers and when they go to prison they will not have anyone looking out for them which makes them prone to the manipulation of the criminals. By being shown a little attention and a promise of various things by these gangs, they can easily sprawl down the worst path and turning them back will even be harder. There is a way this can be avoided and it is through ensuring better methods of discipline for kid offenders are found instead of incarceration.

A lot of children who are sent to prison will lose hope even before they go through the doors. While young they should be given hope than things will turn out well for them. With the feeling that they can decide whatever they want to do with their life they will have hope. The worst of humanity are found in prison and when they are allowed to mix with kids things will not go well for the latter. Also, when they are locked they won’t be able to do much and by the time they are out their peers will have proceeded to do different things. When they look at the life their peers have and the fact that they have no way of getting back the time they have lost things can be worse. This is why they should not be thrown in prison.

Some parents will just watch as their children are thrown in jail without doing anything because they don’t want the responsibility. They believe that going to prison will be a lesson-learned but it is hardly the case. It is upon the parents to let children know what is acceptable and what isn’t. Being in prison the parents will not bother with their responsibilities. Before getting kids, people have to understand the responsibility that comes with because it is not every day that things will be easy.
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