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Why Opt For Invisalign Instead Of Traditional Metal Braces

With the introduction of invisalign, the traditional metal braces are quickly becoming obsolete. The top option for straightening teeth in the country is invisalign. In fact, more than 730,000 people have put invisalign as from April 2018, and that is a huge number, that shows people prefer them over the metal braces. Your dentist should be aware that invisalign brace technology is better than the traditional wire braces, which is the reason they should get training on how to avail invisalign technology to their clients. Below are proves that invisalign works better than the outdated traditional metal braces.

The main benefit of using invisalign is their ability to straighten a person’s teeth. When wearing metal braces the whole world has to know that you are trying to straighten your teeth which can be intimidating. The braces are visible to everyone, and that can be embarrassing to the person wearing them.

Metal wires discourage many adults from wearing braces because they are so evident that someone is trying to straighten teeth. People cannot stand the thought of doing a presentation in the office with a mouth full of wire braces. When you use invisalign, you can keep your process of straightening teeth a secret.

Comfort is another feature that comes with invisalign. The feature that makes invisalign so comfortable is the fact that they are made of soft plastic trays. It can be quite painful and uncomfortable to wear metal braces as they snag the mouth and damage tissue in the cheeks and lips.

The way traditional braces straighten teeth is very painful. Wire braces function by exerting pressure on the teeth to eventually straighten them. With invisalign , the series of plastic trays slowly shift your teeth to their place, and they do not require a lot of pressure like the wire braces.

As the name indicates, the wire braces are wired in the teeth of the wearer. Since they are permanent, a person cannot remove them whenever they want to clean their teeth. Doing that does not clean the teeth properly which can cause poor oral hygiene. The fact that the patient cannot clean the metal braces can be very uncomfortable for them. As for invisalign you can clean your own teeth and trays without any stress as if you were not wearing any.

You can eat whatever what you want when you have invisalign on. You have to change how you chew with traditional metal braces so as not to damage the equipment. Things like chewing gum and the sort are not allowed with traditional braces as they can stick to the metal braces.
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