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The Pros of Cannabis Legalization

For a long time now, marijuana has been Illegal because of the negative view that society has against it. The society has a view that the users of marijuana are always criminals and their deeds after the use of cannabis not good. The society’s view toward cannabis is a contradiction because of the many benefits that cannabis has. For the numerous benefits of cannabis to be realized, the authorities should make the use free and legalize it. There are also benefits of the legalization of the marijuana, some of the benefits that will be brought forth by the legalization of marijuana are out listed in the article below.

First, the black market will be eliminated when cannabis is legalized and thus reducing the crime rate. When cannabis is illegal, there are people who will always be having it in their possession where they get it is the black market. The connection between the drug dealers and the black market who avails the marijuana when it is illegal will only help in increasing the crime rate. When marijuana is legalized the black market will lose market and be forced to cut ties with the dealers who were their suppliers, this will help reduce the crime rate. the legalization will also be beneficial as it will help earn the government revenue from the taxes paid by the sellers.

When cannabis is legalized, there will be safety control and also improved quality. When marijuana is illegal a lot of people get the product from illegal dealers who sell to buyers who don’t exactly know what they are buying and in what quantity. When cannabis is legalized, there will be standardization just like in the alcohol industry thus there will be increased safety to its users. There is a lot of violence involved in the gangs that sell the marijuana when the marijuana is illegal. When cannabis is legalized, there won’t be any violence and no gangs because the customers that previously bought from them can get the cannabis from anywhere. This in turn gives the police an easy time and also the streets very safe.

The use of marijuana is a lesser crime when compared to the other crimes that the court and police should be concentrating on. The legalization of marijuana will eradicate illegal dealing that was being fought so much by the police, this will, therefore, give the police and the court to concentrate on the other serious crimes. From the benefits outlined in the article above, you are in the position to make a decision to help in the push for the legalization of the cannabis knowing the benefits of cannabisy.