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The Future Transportation System

The most advanced technology, is going to be brought into the transportation industry. This revolution was attempted in the past century but stopped then. Some of the scientists who invented the airplanes back in the 1920s wanted everyone to own an inexpensive personal aircraft. But that idea was ill-fated. That was not the end of this thought, though. One day these scientists, believed that the ownership of these private flying cars will legally be authorized. This endeavor will not be necessitating the combination of both airplane and the motor car, said the visionaries of this discovery. Yes, people are still stuck into the terrestrial vehicles, but over the past decades there have been considerable efforts toward the realization of that dream. And that is why many companies in many countries are gathering all the necessary resources to produce these flying cars.

This ambitious plan of flying cars could not be made possible without involving modern technology. Accordingly, there is a certain hope for the realization of this dream. With the artificial intelligence and computerized piloting, flying will make it easier and secure. The truth is, developing computerized technology for flying is safer than street driving. The fact is, unless the unlikely accidents, otherwise there are fewer chances to get an accident with this aerial flying manner.

Most of the models that are under construction, are powered by electricity, and so are electric motors. These machines will help in the conservation of the environment and the ecosystem in general because they will not contribute to the deterioration caused by the carbon. These machines are agile; such that will zip in and out of the squeezed urban environment without disturbance. There are currently the ongoing experiments of building strong batteries that enable these flying cars to fly at the top speed. Network of these machines is still among other challenges that are needed to be worked on to ensure that they can start operating. In a corresponding manner, multiple companies from different countries are working together to establish landing amenities, recharging stations and air-traffic software to monitor them.

In Europe this exercise has already been tested. To give an example, a five-seated aircraft has flown into the sky after the second one was done in 2017. The results are all thrilling, they have shown that it can work, nonetheless, much efforts are needed yet, in some eras of this transportation revolution. That is why the last model puts a premium on safety by involving 36 independent rotor engines distributed along with the flying car’s wings. Even when the car experienced dysfunctions while flying, it will stay upward. According to the plan, these cars will start flying in the most populated cities in the world in 2015.

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