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Preparing Your Family for a Natural Disaster

Most people have hurricane or blizzard preparedness kits in their houses in case of natural disasters. However, these kits are usually not enough to see people through a real emergency. Make sure that your house is prepared by considering these areas that you’ll need to take care of.

Food and Water

Your greatest concern about an emergency is probably whether you will have enough to eat and drink. This is a good priority to have since you can only survive for three days without water. While you can go much longer without food, you will not be healthy without it. Stock enough food for at least a few days, keeping in mind how many people and pets you must feed. Keep at least three gallons of water per person or pet if you could lose water as well as access to roads.


You probably don’t think about hygiene as one of your priorities for disaster preparedness. However, without good hygiene, you can quickly develop infections that have lasting results. A few days after a natural disaster, there may be disaster relief showers available. In the meantime, keep toilet paper, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and wet wipes that are safe for all body parts on hand. If you have women or girls in your household, make sure you have a supply of pads and tampons.

First Aid

If someone has a true health emergency, you may be able to contact officials to get medical help during the aftermath of a natural disaster. However, you may have to treat minor and some major illnesses on your own. Keep a first aid kit stocked with bandages, at least two kinds of pain relievers, antiseptic and gauze. Don’t let anyone’s prescription run empty when a natural disaster is predicted.

No one can be completely prepared for a natural disaster. However, if you take these steps, you will be better able to face unexpected situations that arise.