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CBD Addiction, Etcetera:Recognizing the Myths and the Facts

CBD addiction happens to be just one of the various myths regarding a product that has emerged because it has earned popularity. Here, we are going to separate myths from reality on various CBD-related topics.

Is CBD Addiction Real?

Actually, the answer is dependent on which variety of CBD oil is used. If you are using CBD oil sans THC, otherwise tetrahydrocannabinol, then that oil is absolutely non-addictive. The reason is that taking CBD oil, minus THC, does not produce psychoactive outcomes.

You Won’t Be Able to Drive if You are a CBD Oil User

You actually can drive as long as the CBD oil you are taking has zero THC and it does not even matter how much CBD oil you take. If its CBD with THC content, you should exercise a little caution.

CBD Oil can Cure-All

While several studies declare that using CBD oil has medically positive effects, it does not treat all types of illnesses. If you are suffering from any type of illness and want to use CBD oil, ask a doctor if it is okay.

CBD Oil Can Make You Sleepy

Marijuana can actually make some individuals sleepy especially if it has THC since it can act as sedative. CBD oil, however, without THC lacks sedative properties and thus is not going to cause tiredness. You will not be sleepy, but instead you can become calm or relaxed.

Using CBD is Fun and Nothing More

A lot of people find that the THC content in CBD help relieve their anxiety or chronic pain symptoms, and so they use this type of CBD oil. While there are really people who do use CBD oil just for fun, it does not mean that this its only purpose though.

CBD oil is Similar to Medical Marijuana

In a country wherein medical marijuana is subject to government regulation, marijuana as treatment for certain diseases as well as chronic pain has to be of “medical grade”.

Purchasing CBD oil at your neighborhood drugstore or online does not guarantee that it has passed the medical marijuana requirements. On the other hand, a lot of people still consider CBD oil, which is not necessarily of medical grade , to be helpful.

THC is Better Compared to CBD

To some people, THC is better compared to CBD because THC is stronger. Some people perhaps find that a smaller THC dose is enough to relieve them of the symptoms, but it does not necessarily prove that either of the two is better. That is, in fact, completely subjective.

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