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Student Organizations: Questions to Ask Before Leading One

Working in a university has no shortage of opportunities and challenges, one of which may include being asked to be the club advisor for a student organization. It is important to understand the new aspects of your job before agreeing to take it on. You may feel a little confused as to what your new role includes, so here are a few things to consider if you choose to say yes.

1.Know Who the Organizers Are

You should be intimately aware of the organization’s purpose, rules, and process of adding members. You should also connect with the members of leadership, be that the founders or the elected officials so that they know how to contact you should there be any issues. You are there to help them to address potentially difficult situations.

2. Help Facilitate Activities

Your organization may need to work with a college event planner to organize fundraisers or awareness events. You should assist the leadership in deciding when and where to hold these events, along with working with them on the budget and applying for grants as needed.

3. Act as a Liaison

Your most important job will be acting as the go-between for your student-led organization and the university. You will need to be aware of both the activities of your club and also the university regulations to make sure that everything is above board.

As you prepare to take on this new role as an advisor, consider working with a mentor. This can either be the former advisor or someone leading a similar organization. Just as your students will be asking questions of you, you do not have to know all the answers yourself. If you do choose to accept this position, be prepared for questions but also enjoy the unique challenges that each organization will bring.