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Long Term Food Storage Facts and Tips

More and more people are thinking of investing in long term food storage for emergency food supply purposes. What is most important in effective long term food storage is to make use of the right materials and equipment to keep your food from rotting away. Start by preparing the necessary sealers, foil bags, oxygen absorbers, and desiccants and start a plan. If you want to learn everything you need to know and more about long term food storage, check this out.

There are factors that you need to take into account to apply proper long term food storage. Humidity, for one, has adverse effects on long term food storage. For instance, humidity brings about some effects on vital food products such as rice, grain, and bread. Molds are the ones that easily sprout off from these food products. Have these food products exposed to some moisture and warmth and what you get are these same products but with molds. If you do not want to deal with this kind of issue with these types of food, utilize a natural anti-mold desiccant that is non-toxic.

For effective long term food storage, you can also make use of oxygen absorbers. For a good boost of the shelf life of your food, the use of oxygen absorbers into your kit supplies is a great idea. Oxygen absorbers are vital to increased shelf life because oxygen is capable of decrease the shelf life of your food. The process of oxidation rots food faster. To prevent oxygen absorbers from coming in contact with food, they are placed in a pouch to guarantee safety. To make sure that the right amount of oxygen absorbers are used, you have to read the instructions before you will be using them.

A proper plan should be made when it comes to doing a long term food storage plan. Basically, as you list down your long term food storage notes, you have to take note of the expiration dates of your food. Not all food items are capable of being perishable right away. Instead of choosing real fruits, for instance, you can go with dried fruits that are more ideal for long term food storage. Freeze dried food is a great choice for this purpose because it does not rot away fast. Their expiration date lasts between 25 and 30 years. Including them in your emergency food supply is the best idea when any natural disasters will take place.

Aside from food, proper long term food storage also involves keeping a potable water supply. This is because you have to pour cold or hot water over your long-term food. The great majority of long term food storage is light. You have to understand that long term food options have reduced weight since their water content is greatly reduced.

Moreover, there are recipes that you can follow to apply to your emergency food.

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