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How to Refill Propane Tank

Propane is used for heating, cooking, vehicle fuel among others. Once the level in the propane tank is low, it is essential to conduct a propane refill. The are a couple of benefits that you get when you doa propane refill as opposed to an exchange. Firts a propane refill saves you money. The cost of refilling a propane tank varies from one dealer to another. However, on average you will save more than $ 1.5 per gallon when you refill your propane tank. You thus be left with some money in your pocket to refill the tank next time. When you exchange your propane tank, there is a high chance of you getting an under-filled propane tank. You will only receive a filled tank if you do a propane refill. A lot of people do not allow their propane tank to drain completely. If you exchange the tank, you will lose the gas that is already inside.

Do not wait for the propane to run out before refilling. It is recommended that you refill your tank once it is two pound. You can check the fuel level using two main methods. First, check at the gauge or overfill protection devices on the top of the propane tank. If you see the pointer on the red zone, then you should refill your tank immediately. Weighing the tank is another method. Find the difference between the weight of the tank and the tare weight. The weight of the tank when empty is called tare weight. The tare weight is in most cases written on the container with TW mark.

Examine the propane tank before going for a propane refill. First confirm that the tank is refillable. It is essential to be aware that not all tanks can be refilled. It is dangerous to do a propane refill on tanks with no overfill protection device. Look for a date stamp on the side of the propane tank. The expiry date of many propane tanks is 12 years. If the tank has reached expiry; it needs to be disposed of. It is crucial to look for damages such as dents, corrosion, and rust. Lastly, check whether there is any obstruction to the nozzle.

Transport the tank to the refilling station. Make sure that you have closed the tank valve to prevent the unused propane from leaking. Transport the tank in a tank holder to keep the tank upright. Unfortunately the propane gas may leak from the tank causing fire if not transported corrected. The station attendant will examine the tank. If the tank is okay, then the next step is propane refill.

The station attendant will connect the bleeder valve to the dispenser until it is full. The propane liquid is very cold, and therefore gloves must be used to prevent frostbite. You can also refill your tank by transferring propane from another tank. A propane tank is used for propane transfer for between tanks.