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Earlier than dropping Heartbreak on a Full Moon , Chris Brown unleashes three new tracks from his forty five-track double album. (Plus it has been six years—take each second you can get!) It’s clear that frontman Robin Pecknold, who took a break to complete school, returns with a tighter grasp on musical concept. A source near the Clean Space” singer revealed in the new concern of Us Weekly that the album chronicles her feuds” with Kanye West , Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry , as well as ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris It will likely be across multiple songs, somewhat cryptically, but additionally apparent,” the insider told Us.

This listing of the top one hundred songs of 2017 is updated 1 hour ago. “One other story of a young black man / Tryna make it up out that jam, goddamn,” Staples raps, organising the theme for his upcoming album, Large Fish Principle. It was a completely realized dystopian realm of its personal, bristling with crosscurrents of rhythm, dissonant loops, staticky noise, warning shouts and bits of onerous-nosed, trenchant lyrics.

“This is about the really not-very-tough idea that you just shouldn’t f people if they don’t want to have sex with you, and you shouldn’t touch individuals if they do not want to be touched,” mentioned Ren Aldridge, vocalist and leader of this raucously righteous London-primarily based hardcore band, introducing this track at a current show.

On “J-Boy” the primary single from their sixth album, Phoenix is once once more a stunning display of shimmering synths and effortlessly cool vocals. Somewhat than launch a bunch of clinical tracks manufactured for optimum business worth as he did on Views, Drake might lastly chill out. As evidenced by Skepta’s Mercury Prize profitable album final yr, grime music within the UK is at the moment in a fantastic place.

(He pulls the SUV door shut with his left hand as a result of his right arm is bandaged in a sling.) Within the second half of the clip, he raps about resilience while taking part in together with his son, sporting matching Gucci. In the music world that is an eon—particularly for a younger band with as a lot ahead momentum and buzz as Fleet Foxes had in 2011. Featured in The Searching Ground, a 2015 documentary about rape on school campuses, it is a giant energy ballad whose ultimate message is that solely those that’ve survived sexual violence can perceive it. Tragically, the previous few days have indicated that the majority girls are in that position; songs like this one resonate all too widely.

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